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Strategic Aim 3


We Protect by: making high quality and timely decisions for children and young people, using the right information that is relevant, clear and secure.

The protection of each child’s safety and welfare is the core of what we do. It is important to us that the organisation is well promoted and understood in the wider community to ensure that everyone is able to identify the role that they play in keeping children and young people safe as well as working with us to shape and deliver an effective service.

The decisions that we make are fundamental in ensuring the protective path is taken for children and young people and this takes highly skilled, dedicated and supported staff.

To meet this aim:

Our organisation will be visible in the community, in schools and in health services with our key role in the delivery of GIRFEC (Getting it Right for Every Child) clear and understood.

Our organisation will be flexible, resilient, and responsive to allow us to act effectively and timeously to change;

We will continue to be a high performing organisation, with quality and consistency at the heart of all that we do;

Our workforce will be flexible and adaptable with the right balance of roles, skills and experience;

We will enable all children and young people have the opportunity to participate in a way that suits them to ensure that their voice is heard in all decisions being made; and

Our organisation will continue to prioritise the privacy and confidentiality of children, young people and their families and have systems, processes and people skilled to ensure that all data is held securely and used appropriately.