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Strategic Aim 2


We Connect by: working together to receive the right referrals, for the right children at the right time.

We recognise the importance of relationships in all that we do, our approach to what we do will focus on our connections – to children, young people and their families, our staff, our partners, the community, and the environment.

To meet this aim:

We will work effectively with our partners; to agreed protocols, shared goals and common standards to ensure we meet the needs of children and young people;

Through local partnerships and our connections with local children and young people, we will ensure that we are all working together to deliver and assess ‘Better Hearings’;

We will be connected to the local community through local events, and we will work with practitioners, children and young people to make a meaningful contribution to local initiatives;

Our organisation is kind and connected to the world we live in – from the way that we work and travel, to the culture we promote;

Our organisation is fully inclusive as employers, as partners, as a service to children, young people and families.

We will recognise, promote and support the rights of individuals as they connect with the Hearings System and will work with others to do the same; and

We will have digital connectivity with partners to allow automated and secure sharing of information.