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Strategic Aim 1


We Care by: delivering a service that feels right for each child, young person and family that experiences it.

We are absolutely committed to deliver our service in a way that demonstrates care and kindness to children, young people and families, to each other and our environment.

To meet this aim:

We will demonstrate compassionate and proactive Corporate Parenting - asking, listening and acting, being open to try new approaches;

Our service will be informed by experience – working with children and young people in Our Hearings, Our Voice, Local Champions Boards and others, we will welcome challenge, evaluation and partnerships to get it right;

Our service will be trauma sensitive – recognising the impact of a ‘system’ on already traumatic circumstances and ensuring that it is the best and kindest it can be;

Our service will be equally accessible to all, including people with protected characteristics to ensure it meets everyone’s individual needs and rights.

Our staff will feel skilled, confident, valued and respected to enable them to work compassionately and with high quality; and

Our service will be digitally enabled to allow children and young people to engage with it in ways that suit their needs.