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SCRA’s Corporate Plan 2020-2023 


A very warm welcome to our Corporate Plan 2020/23, a plan that will take us through the next three years with compassion, ambition and a long standing commitment to Getting It Right For Every Child.

The Children’s Hearings System provides a place for Children and Young People at risk – from others, to themselves, or to others to be referred to for protection, to ensure their rights are respected and, to secure the support required to realise a safe and positive future.


Exciting time for the Hearings System

It is an exciting and unprecedented time for the Hearings System  – a point of evidence based and experience led change –for everyone experiencing it, campaigning for it and working in it.

We are  privileged to work with and hear from children and young people with experience of Hearings as well as the broader care system to look at what needs to change to make things feel better, and we will continue with this work until we get it right. 

Independent Care Review

The Independent Care Review offered the opportunity to reflect on the founding principles of the Hearings System, the work that we do and our approach to delivery.  Fundamentally the principles that were set over 40 years ago are still as right and relevant today as they were then however, opportunity now exists for us to reconsider the application of these. Collectively, we must move forward to demonstrate a compassionate, enabling and progressive approach to trauma sensitive care, justice and support.

The strength of vision and clarity of conclusions from the Independent Care Review support us to continue our drive for improvement to make the Children’s Hearings System the best that it can be – rights respecting, participative and supportive. Working effectively with our partners in the Hearings System will be crucial to successful improvement and sustainable change. 

It is with this that we take forward our plans to ensure ongoing support and protection for Scotland’s children while ensuring that our work is relevant, responsive and above all, is kind.


Our ambitious strategy

Here we provide our ambitious strategy for the next 3 years, how we will deliver this and the impact that it aims to achieve.   Our strategy will transform the operation of the Children’s Hearings System, both how it is experienced by children, young people and their families as well as how we interface with our partner agencies in our collective ambition as Corporate Parents. 

Some of the major changes that we aim to deliver include:

  • A bespoke Hearings facility, where the needs and preferences of each children or young person are identified and accommodated before, during and after the Hearing.
  • Digital Tools – enabling Digital attendance at Hearings, offering children and young people more options for their attendance and providing a valuable facility for vulnerable witnesses.
  • A multi-faceted participation model, offering a range of mechanisms to enable fuller and more effective participation by children and young people, before, during and after their Hearing.
  • The work of Better Hearings being mainstreamed by all partners into their everyday practice.

A trauma sensitive service visible in our workforce, our practice, our engagement with others and in our organisational outlook.


Our Vision

Children and young people will be listened to, protected and supported to have a positive future where they are safe, valued and respected.


Our Mission

We protect and support Scotland’s children and young people, by making high quality decisions, upholding their rights and working collaboratively as compassionate, inclusive Corporate Parents to enable the most positive and personalised experience of the Children’s Hearings System.


Our Values

Below are our values that are the shared motivations, beliefs and behaviours that underpin all that we do.


We work with kindness to support children, young people and families, our partners and each other

Child Centred

Children and young people are at the heart of everything we do


Everyone is respected and treated fairly, inclusively and lawfully


We are responsible for our decisions, our ethics and our learning

Our Strategic Aims

Our Strategic Aims

We are passionate that by 2023, we will achieve our strategic aims by developing our services and people to ensure we meet the changing needs and expectations of the Hearings System, research, and the needs of children and families. This means we will review our Corporate Plan and aligning strategies on an annual basis to take into account legislative and policy changes.

Our three Strategic Aims for 2020-2023 are to Care, Connect and Protect. And to see how everything fits together, check out our Strategic Framework – click here.


Delivering a service that feels right for each child, young person and family that experiences it.



Working together to receive the right referrals, for the right children, at the right time. 


Making high quality and timely decisions on referrals, using the right information that is relevant, clear and secure.

Care Review

Care Review 

SCRA was honoured to be a part of the Care Review journey and were pleased to see our contribution reflected in the findings.

We welcome the focus in the recommendations on the Children’s Hearings System, reaffirming the principles that we work to and fully recognise the trajectory for change and improvement.

We are passionate that children’s rights are at the heart of the Hearings System and we want to do everything we can to ensure these rights are upheld and that children and young people can participate fully in their Children’s Hearings.

It is critical that the children and young people who contributed to the review have a key role to play in the development of the Children’s Hearings System, helping and guiding us to ensure we provide holistic and transparent services. By working together, we can plan, deliver and keep The Promise!

Our Corporate Plan reflects many of the Care Review recommendations, and we are committed to working with our partners in exploring, coordinating and implementing the direction that we have now been set in everything we do from planning through to our behaviours, culture, conduct and values to ensure we do Get it Right for Every Child.

Key areas of alignment across the plan and the recommendations are around – digital enablement, trauma informed practice, participation and inclusion, and fundamentally kindness and compassion.